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The North Carolina Energy Office has ARRA Funding and Programs available

The North Carolina Energy Office has ARRA Funding and Programs available to help spend it!

The NC SEO has a program to assist K-12 public schools, municipalities, community colleges and counties receive Federal Recovery energy grant funds.  With the services offered through their program these entities can develop the required energy efficiency and conservation plans and programs and receive the funding to support their initiatives.

The NC State Energy Office is actively encouraging government entities across the state to take advantage of ARRA Funds by offering services designed to assist with the development of a strategic energy plan and the approval and receipt of funds to support the plan.  Technical assistance services provided by designated firms are paid for by the State Energy Office.

Petra Engineering, in conjunction with 4tell™ Solutions (4tell™) and U.S. Facilities, has been awarded a contract to provide certain services including:

- Assistance in Writing Strategic Energy Plans
- Preliminary Energy Assessments
- Detailed Energy Assessments
- Assistance with RFP Response
- Measurement and Verification
Petra Engineering is a Charlotte, North Carolina based engineering firm who has successfully worked with many counties and other government entities across the state to identify and implement energy efficiency projects.

4tell delivers Energy Governance Solutions which support the development of an energy strategy and plan.   The tools capture and analyze the data necessary to support energy investment decisions, evaluate energy retrofit options and execute strategic energy plans to improve sustainable energy performance.

US Facilities is a minority-owned national leader in facilities management, infrastructure support and energy services. Together the team provides the complete array of service offerings for entities in North Carolina seeking to capitalize on the availability of funds to support their energy efficiency improvements.

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