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Landfill Gas

Approximately 250 million tons of solid waste are generated in the United States each year with 54% deposited in municipal landfills.   As this waste decomposes Methane gas is naturally created in the landfill.   If left unrecovered landfill gas escapes into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas or is eliminated through flaring.Petra Engineering is committed to prudentlyand economically  reducing the methane escaping into the atmosphere by capturing it and generating it into electricity or thermal energy that can power manufacturing facilities, homes, powerplants and more.   Petra works as the intermediary between landfills, nearby facilities, the investment community, local utilities and local governments to develop landfill gas-to-energy projects.

We can provide a turn-key operation where we design, build, operate, maintain and finance renewable energy plants for facilities near the landfill.  These projects are a win-win in that potentially harmful gases are diverted from the landfill and piped into a generator where they are converted into electricity that can be added to the grid of the local utility and used to power the nearby community.  The landfill gas-to-energy project typically provides a revenue stream for the landfill and local government.

Landfill Gas Solar Biomass
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