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Company Overview

Petra Engineering was founded in 2003 as a single-source provider of comprehensive energy and facility services. By integrating renewable energy, demand-side and supply-side solutions, Petra works with its clients to leverage and optimize alternatives, reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, improve occupancy comfort levels, increase energy reliability and enhance the environment.

Petra focuses on the needs of mid to large-market energy users in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. Clients that partner with Petra can leverage the value of their energy infrastructure, improve cash flow, and mitigate the risks associated with volatile energy markets. 
Petra Engineering is committed to delivering exceptional value and service to our clients. Petra is built on the key principals of energy and environmental stewardship; excellent execution; and a commitment to our clients’ success.

Our clients benefit from the experience and leadership of Petra’s strong executive management team. Staff and alliance expertise at all levels is both broad and deep.

Unlike most energy and environmental services companies, Petra is not affiliated with a utility, trade association, equipment manufacturer or supplier,. Our recommendations are unprejudiced, and reflect only the solutions that will generate the greatest economical and environmental benefit for our clients. 
Petra differentiate itself in the marketplace through its company culture and ability to build client focused teams with market experiences and intellectual capital that can address the specific request and needs of the client. Petra builds every client project team and its supporting resources using our vast network of experts and industry leaders.

Petra is a privately held Energy Services Company with fully capitalized operations through its ownership. Petra’s leadership has been recognized by such entities as National Society of Professional Engineers, Electric Power Research Institute, and numerous industry groups for its leadership in the Marketplace of Energy and Environmental conscience Ideas. Petra’s ownership has over $1 Billion in project experience, asset investments and divestitures, and managed over $500 Million in commodity purchases and strategic implementation. Petra and its ownership have done work for more than 50 Fortune 300 companies.

Petra maintains a low overhead cost structure so we are able to keep our fees down and drive more value to our clients while at the same time bringing significant resources to each client. Petra is a privately held Energy Services Company with fully capitalized operations through its ownership. This arrangement allows us more flexibility and the ability to move quickly as compared to many of our larger competitors.

Petra’s team includes numerous professional engineers and a respected professional team with experience from 20 to 35 years in energy and utilities services. Team members are currently provide phone and on-site services like those requested to utility clients and global services companies.

Petra differs from other energy services companies in a number of key areas. Based on our market experience, Petra is one of the few companies with an in-house offering for end to end comprehensive energy services. Petra offers all types of supply side services for electric, natural gas, and fuel oils including physical and financial pricing structures as well as risk management services. Petra was originally founded by experienced demand side professionals in response to the market demand for reducing energy cost/usage. The depth of knowledge, broad base of experience, and proven results of our team is unmatched in this marketplace.

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